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Hands Holding Hands

Warning Signs to Watch For

Risk Factors for a disrupted parent-child relationship may include:

Premature birth or low birth weight 

Chronic health problems
Child's diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, ODD, Anxiety

Maternal depression 

Young mothers with little or no family support 

Domestic violence or high conflict families

Family stress, disruption or loss

Child physical or sexual abuse, neglect or exposure to violence 

Substance exposure (Pre or post natal)

Consult with me today if you notice any of the following in your child:

Problems feeding or sleeping 

Frequent crying and difficult to comfort

Long or frequent temper tantrums 

Aggressive behaviors 

Extreme sadness or withdrawal

Overly active or impulsive 

Pattern of excessive clinginess 
Having frequent urinary or bowel accidents, but have been potty-trained
Unusual sexual behaviors
Persistant fearfulness or anxiety
Becomes rigid or stiff when held or touched
Any behavior that is not typical for your child


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